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Beginning the Balancing Act of Life

We're always choosing.  Aren't we?  Even when we make no direct or vocal choice, it still becomes the "Choice of No Choice" that we've chosen.  Does this have a cost?  You bet it does.  The cost (or profit) is our balance in life.

When we decide to get the right amount of sleep (some would say at least 7 hours daily), we help out bodies fight off everything from the common cold to stress.  When we decide to watch out dietary intake and reduce our fat content, we are attempting to stave off weight-related illness, feel less sluggish, and become more attractive.  When we decide to exercise versus staying sedentary, we're committing time to a routine that we expect to promote circulation, proper bone density, muscle mass, and a generally better feeling about ourselves.

Our bodies are like engines.  They run.  Some well.  Some not so well, yet they all run.  The very balance we choose to provide ourselves can help us keep that engine tuned and running comfortably.  While this requires work and some level of dedication on our part, stay hopeful and just get started making some conscious decisions.  Find something - even something small - to get you pointing in the right direction.  Start one new, good habit.  Surround yourself with a new and positive friend or group of people.  Read something fulfilling and edifying.  Reflect.  Plan.  Dream.

None of us have balance coming straight out of the chute no matter how well prepared or polished we appear.  The irony is that the most polished individuals may be the furthest from having a balanced life, yet are pictured as models for proper living.  The lesson there is not to concern yourself with other people's balance.  Rather, get your own situation under control.

Try this.  Treat balance as a treat.  Make it something that merits pause, recognition, and savouring.  make a note of your choice and applaud your efforts in knowing you're beginning the journey of continuous improvement.  Get a few people around you with that same mind-set and keep each other encouraged.  Yet remember, it's your life.  It's first and foremost up to you to balance it. 

David Knea

November 2010


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